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With Todoist, you can be confident your task manager will still be there for you in 2021 – and in 2061, for that matter.

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Putting our community first

Millions of people rely on Todoist to organize their lives. That’s why we will never sell to the highest bidder.
We’re committed to staying independent and earning your trust for as long as you need our apps.

Why we’ll always stay independent

All the features you’ve come to rely on. And more…

Todoist has all the basics you love from Wunderlist – like due dates, reminders, comments, file attachments, project sharing, and email forwarding – plus a few more features we think you’ll find useful.

Easier Task Management

To make capturing and organizing your tasks faster than ever.

Easily add task details – like due dates & recurring due dates – using natural language.

Get suggested due dates to keep your schedule balanced and achievable.

Infinite Flexibility

To fit the way you work, down to the smallest detail.

Break down your tasks and projects into manageable pieces with intuitive drag and drop.

Group tasks by location, energy level, time to complete, or anything else you can think of.

Focus on just what you need with custom views like all tasks due this week in your work project.

Built-In Feedback

To track progress and build momentum every day.

Set daily and weekly goals for how much you want to accomplish and accumulate productivity streaks.

Visualize and improve your productivity over time with beautiful graphs, color-coded by project.

Gamify your productivity by accumulating Karma points as you complete more and more tasks.

Integrations with the apps you already use

To make Todoist your central, organized hub for getting things done.

Synced across all your devices

Apps for desktop, mobile, and smartwatch. Plugins for email. Extensions for web browsers.

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