Your Todoist Tasks + Email + Calendar = Stress-Free Productivity

Combine the task manager, email, and calendar productivity trifecta.

The to-do list. The calendar. Email. The venerable trio of workplace productivity tools. Separately, they’re useful. But it’s when they work together that the real stress-busting, got-it-all-organized-and-under-control, ready-to-take-on-anything magic happens.

That’s why we’ve gone back and revamped two of our most popular Premium and Business features – Calendar Feeds and Email to Todoist. Keep your team in sync with shareable calendar feeds for any Todoist project, and keep your emails beautifully organized as tasks and comments in Todoist. Here’s what’s new:

Todoist + Your Calendar

Thousands of Premium users already use Todoist’s calendar subscribe feature to view their scheduled tasks inside iCal, Outlook, and Google Calendar. Now, you can view and share a single project in calendar form. Keep track of important dates and milestones of any project with anyone – clients, teammates, family members – in a visual way.

Try it out:

  • Click on the tool icon in the upper right-hand corner of any project,
  • Select “Add project to your calendar” from the menu, and
  • Choose which calendar app you want to sync with.

You can disable a calendar feed any time, just in case.

Todoist calendar

Here are a few ways you can use project calendar feeds to easily keep everyone organized and on the same page:

  • Share a project plan with a client so they can stay up-to-date on key deadlines, even if they don’t use Todoist.
  • Share a product roadmap with your team so they can easily see what’s coming up.
  • View your editorial schedule in your calendar so you can quickly check what’s being published and when.

(P.S. We’re currently working on a much-requested custom 2-way integration with Google Calendar. That means any changes you make in Google Calendar – like moving the task to a new due date - will be reflected in Todoist and vice versa. We’ll be releasing it early next year.)

Todoist + Your Email

Todoist Premium users have always been able to forward emails as tasks in Todoist projects, but the user experience wasn’t great. The formatting was messy and difficult to read, especially with emails that include rich HTML, and attachments were difficult to find.

Now, we’ve completely revamped our Email to Todoist feature to make sure that emails and attachments appear beautifully organized in your task comments.

Try it out:

  • Click on the tools icon in the upper right-hand corner of the project you want to forward your email to.
  • Click on “Email tasks to this project” to get the project email address.
  • Add the address as a contact in your email client and start forwarding emails to it.

The email's subject will become the task name, and the body of the email will be added as a task comment.

Email comment

With this update, you’ll also be able to send and forward emails as task and project comments, perfect for when you need to add information to a task or project that already exists. Just open the task or project comments you want to forward your email to. Then click on the grey email icon at the top of the comments next to the project name to get the forwarding address.

Here are a few ways you can use Email to Todoist to stay organized and on top of every detail:

  • Keep track of your reimbursements – Forward email receipts as comments to a “Submit expense report” task that repeats every month. You’ll have all your receipts neatly organized alongside your task, saving you the time and hassle of digging back through your emails to find them.
  • Keep track of your important work relationships – Whether it’s clients, sales leads, or your students’ parents, you can use Todoist to always remember to follow up. Set up a new project – for example “Leads” – and forward emails there as new tasks with a due date for when you need to respond.
  • Keep track of emails you need to take action on – Take back time spend in your inbox – forward emails that require action as tasks in Todoist. Add a due date so you can decide if and when it deserves your time and attention.

(You can even get crazy and create Gmail filters for specific types of emails and have them automatically forward to a Todoist project or task.)


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How do you use Todoist with your email and calendar to fool everyone into thinking you have everything under control at all times? Share your tips in the comments below!

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